Friday, August 29, 2008


Althouse is swamped with Palin stuff.

Startling choice. I was sure he'd pick Pawlenty. As C4 pointed out in several threads it's a PC choice, she doesn't have enough experience. (Though, truth be told, if she were topping the ticket, I'd vote for her without hesitation, for the same reason I would've voted for Obama before I found out he was part of the Chicago machine.)

This morning, though, I see that it's a rope-a-dope. Obama's supporters won't be able to resist attacking her over experience--which rebounds nastily on him--and on gender--which will alienate some disaffected HRC voters.

Update: Yep. Already it begins. Under this rational post at Feministe, you'll find all kinds of justifications for attacking Palin in sexist terms. BECAUSE OF TEH HYPOCRISY! as Goldstein would say.

Hey, if you came over from Ace's, I apologize for the blind link. I could've and should've put the body of this in my post there rather than forcing y'all over. Sorry!

What do you think? Did McCain's camp--are they smart enough and savvy enough--to have done this deliberately, knowing Obama's fans would do the rest?

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