Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fractured Plot

SPOILERS about Fracture forthwith, in the form of questions:

Why the hell didn't our high-powered lawyer (played by Ryan Gosling, who's so distraught over his loss, he ends up with a Real Doll) bully the security at the ICU? Lawyers are all about throwing their weight around and he had a court order, however dodgy.

Why the hell was he so interested in "saving her life" in the first place? She was a vegetable. It wasn't like she was going to wake up suddenly and finger Anthony Hopkins. (Maybe he was thinking she was going to rise from the dead?)

When all is said and done, the "gotcha" moment comes because the cop who commits suicide (Billy Burke, who's killed his wife before) used the same gun that killed Embeth Davidtz. But wouldn't that just fit in with the notion that he had killed Embeth, framed Hopkins and killed himself out of remorse?

Double jeopardy doesn't work that way! No matter what Ashley Judd says.

Irritating movie on several levels.

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