Sunday, August 24, 2008

Treadmill Desk Day 3

I did 50 minutes on Saturday. The last serious Olympics day. Actually, it was sort of desperate. They showed the entirety of a marathon on NBC and a single-scoring soccer game on Universal--and after it was over, they should the entire single-goal soccer game again.

Good lord, soccer is boring. I know, I know. Typically American of me. But it is. The field is too big.

Soccer fans talk about how the game never stops. Like Hell. It stops all the time. They kick the ball out of bounds. Someone gets fouled and lies, weeping, on his back for five minutes. Pssssh.

Victoria says cricket is baseball on valium. If that's true, soccer is cricket in a persistent vegetative state.

Oh, right, treadmilling: Nothing super exciting to report, except that after my feet hurting like a mofo on Friday, they were fine all Saturday. I really do think I shortened my tendons dramatically during that one death march.

That's encouraging. I'm a little too young to be hobbling around like a nonagenarian.


  1. You ARE kidding about doing this barefoot, right? Otherwise, as Trooper might say, "You are freaking me out, man!"

  2. No. I don't wear shoes unless I have to. None of us wear shoes in the house.

    Japanese style, you know.

  3. FWIW from a (lapsed) certified trainer: Always wear a well-fitted good pair of running shoes when you are on a treadmill. Also, if your fitness goal is to use up stored body fat, I recommend highly the Bill Phillips book, Body for Life. Be good to yourself, my friend.

  4. I've used Philips book successfully, actually. It's quite good. I plan to get back to weights in a bit.

    I'm not really concerned about losing weight; what I'm trying to do is combat the deterioration I think comes with the laptop lifestyle, as it were.

    Most of what I've read is anti-shoe, or pro-minimal shoe--close to barefoot as possible while being safe. What are the pros of wearing shoes?

  5. I think the main pro is shock absorption. What are the cons? I know too much traction can cause injuries on a treadmill but I can think of any others.

    I like the experiment you're doing. "Laptop lifestyle"- good coinage.

  6. Right, those make good sense. But this is no impact. What I've observed so far is that my greatest chance for injury is falling off the back of the treadmill (which is more likely to be startling than injurious), or possible the side. Barefoot I always know where I am.

    It's an interesting experiment, very much my kind of thing. I think it'll probably take a few months to really weigh in on the pluses and minuses.

  7. Cool. I'll check in from time to time.


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