Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis night on TCM.

One of my favorite movies, The Sweet Smell of Success, photographed by the great James Wong Howe. It cemented Burt Lancaster in my mind as one of the greats.

Ironically, perhaps, given Janet Leigh and her importance to the blog, Tony Curtis doesn't do it for me. Though I get him mixed up with Kirk Douglas, who does it even less for me. (In fact, I tend to think of The Sweet Smell of Success as being Kirk Douglas' best role. Heh.)

Nice to see he's still alive in working, though I'm always surprised that his career has been so tepid in the past 30 years. Though I guess given my own perception of him, maybe I'm not alone?


  1. I can't watch Tony Curtis without seeing him how he is now: kind of weirdly effeminate. His hair is way overstyled, and there were years where he always had this like, womany scarf around his neck. Plus he always looks like he has mascara on. (Sorry Tony.)

  2. Wait, you mean he's NOT wearing mascara all the time?

  3. LOL! I am willing to accept the possibility that he just has one of those bizarre eyelifts, a la Regis Philbin/Michael Douglas/Robert Redford. Those always make men's eyes look all Doe-y.

  4. "Soylent Green" was on TCM last night with Edward G. Robinson and Charlton Heston. Can't imagine Edward G getting plastic surgery. And he looked great. I mean, yeah, like an old man--but he was an old man.

    Same with James Cagney in Ragtime.

    Redford I can see because he was a pretty boy. Generally, the men who get better looking as they age are the men who weren't great looking to being with. (Woo-hoo! I'm waiting...waiting...waiting for that whole "distinguished" look to kick in....)


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