Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Oil Platform

As regular readers know (both of them), I'm pro-gasoline. Love the stuff. Would put it on my cereal in the morning.

So, as a public service, the Bit Maelstrom is going to state its position on oil drilling, in case any enterprising politician wants our vote. (Sure, it's only one, but it's quality, not quantity, right?)

Wherever there may be oil, we should allow drilling. That means if there's oil under the redwoods, we drill. If there's oil in my backyard, we drill. If there's oil on Mount Rushmore, Lincoln's getting a lobotomy.

We've got to get over this attachment to pieces of the crust that we call "nature". "Nature" herself is going to destroy it all when we're dust--after killing us (or alongside of killing us in a twofer). That's what she does. She'll bury the redwoods under a mega-volcano, and Rushmore will collapse under some tectonic plate shifting in due time.

The only permanence we have is that which we carve, bloody, out of what narrow windows of opportunity the universe gives life. To do less than carve everything we can to prolong our (probably fleeting) existence is nihilism.

And nihilism, as the Dude says, is exhausting.

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