Monday, August 25, 2008

Summertime and the Livin' is Easy

We actually haven't had our usual blistering dog days this summer. Last year this time, we were having 110+ degree heat and it wasn't dropping below 90 at night. It's only 72 degrees now (2AM) so even though it's staying in the 90s during the day, this is the kind of weather that can wear you down.

But we got the new A/C in in June, and summer has been pretty irrelevant, even though the system still needs some tweaking, and I'm not confident how well it would handle a real 120 degree scorcher.

There are typically only 2-3 weeks in a summer where A/C is a virtual necessity. Not that you absolutely need it, but that you can't do anything else but wait for it to be over.

However--and I knew this would happen--we've had the A/C on every day this summer, at least for a little bit. There's a difference in what is easily tolerated versus the temptation of absolute comfort. Also, in fairness, the others endure less well than I. Children, in particular, tend to melt in the heat. (I did, too, though I often ventured out into it, and the smog.)

Usually we can get the house cool at night, down to the low '70s. But somewhere between 2pm and 4pm, it starts to get stuffy. Then it's anywhere from 9pm to 1am before it makes sense to open up the house to cool it down again.

The only scary thing is that we've still yet to get a power bill.

Hold me.

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