Saturday, August 9, 2008

Treadmill Desk, Day 10

What? Obviously I'm too busy doing all those weekend hijinks to actually write about them! Duh.

Only got in about 100 minutes on the treadmill as The Flower needed some attention. We did some drawing. I made four masterpieces entitled:

  • "They're so cute when they're small."
  • Rainbow Fairy: WTF?
  • The Land That Lunch Forgot
  • A Cosmic View of the ELE that wiped out the dinosaurs.
I'd upload them but I don't own a scanner. Plus, I suck. That wouldn't stop me, actually.

She drew a picture of me as a king. She's still working on my castle. I made the mistake of telling her I liked different color bricks.

Slept too late to cruise for a new treadmill. I may buy a new one just for access to a warranty.

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