Thursday, August 21, 2008

Treadmill Desk, Day 1 (anew)

So, I still don't have the parts and didn't hear from Sole today--I'm going to group all my Sole posts together for potential customers--but I used the treadmill anyway.

Got about five hours in. I suspect that will be the low end of my daily walk. Long days will probably go as long as eight hours. I'll usually hit in the 6-7 range, I suspect.

But, I went from 200 minuntes on the old treadmill, with lots of breaks to let the machine cool down, to 300 on this one. (It's actually a bigger jump since I wasn't doing much this past week while waiting for the treadmill to arrive and then setting it up.)

Observation: My feet hurt. I hope that goes away with time. Perhaps I should wear shoes. But that's crazy talk. Next I'll be saying, "Perhaps I should wear pants." Please. What's the point of working at home if you have to wear pants?

The machine is quiet and smooth and good at ranges from .5 to 1.5 mph, so I can adjust according to what works at the moment.

It does reset itself with abandon, unfortunately. Not exactly abandon, but if I need to take a break for lunch or to bark at the mailman, and stop the machine, it resets itself to zero after about five minutes. And sometimes, the mailman needs a lot of barking at.

Anyway, fun note: We're five weeks exactly from Knott's Scarry Farm's opening day, which is when The Boy and The Flower and I take the day and gallivant around Buena Park. It amounts to over seven hours of walking (from about 6pm to 1am) and The Boy and I have traditionally prepared by going on long nightly walks.

With the desk for me, and him swimming like Phelps, we aren't going to need much special training this year.

I think I need some stretching exercises, though. The lower back is very stiff. And some ab exercises, too.

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