Monday, August 11, 2008

Georgia On My Mind

Putin did the one thing that could actually make me vote for McCain.

I have no desire to see the world slide back into the Cold War. Russia needs to be slapped down, hard for this. But W doesn't have the wherewithal at this point (does he?).

More than Western Europe, Eastern Europe is our natural ally at this point. They've had a taste of life under the yoke and they don't like it.

While I don't think much of running America down, the story of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution--I always felt we should have done more about that. We shouldn't have allowed the wall to be built, for that matter, either.

I just get the same feeling about this. We're going to let something awful happen.


  1. He's one dangerous mofo.

    Apparently Sarkozy talked him into a cease fire.


  2. He just reeks old-school soviet ruthlessness. You get the feeling he's always watching, and calculating.

  3. Though, you know, if he were running the USA, people'd give us a lot less shit.

    If Bush were more Putin-like, Putin wouldn't be invading Georgia.

    Tragic how that is.


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