Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Treadmill Desk, Day 5

Day 5, I didn't quite make the six hours. I'm not sure if I did 310 minutes or 350 minutes.

Lost track at one point. Feet started hurting again but they're better now. I had the speed at 0.8 mph at the last two hours to see if that helped the feet. (It didn't.) I think the lack of use on the weekend and Monday was a factor there. Everything was fine Friday. We'll see how I do tomorrow, foot-wise--if it's like Friday where my feet were fine.

The Sole tech support guy called. They seem pretty on the ball. They've given me the opportunity to return the machine a couple of times, but are just going to send out the full hardware kit plus the missing heart monitor.

Unlike the previous treadmill, the current one allows me to do 2.5 hours at a stretch. That's quite helpful. I took a bit of a rest between leg 2 and leg 3, and it was hard to start that third leg. (I took a longer break than I meant to, which is why I didn't hit six hours.) Once I get in some stretching and get acclimated, I think I won't have that problem.

So, thumbs up, for now. I did get some work done, which is the main thing.

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