Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dexter's Crime Laboratory

Dexter is back for Season 3! (Showtime.)

This charming little series is about a serial killer working in a Miami police department, passing himself off as normal and getting by with the help of his adoptive father's ethical code. That's the twist: His father, recognizing him for what he is, inculcates a sense of who should and shouldn't be killed both as a way of keeping him safe and keeping him controlled.

They cheat more than a little bit: Dexter is way too likable. They tend to take him to the brink of discovery and pull back at the last second. Very exciting but (I would think) limited in terms of how long they can drag it out. I thought both the first and second seasons could've been the last.

We'll see. Jimmy Smits is making an appearance this season.


  1. I really like Dexter. The pacing is unbelievable. So many dramas make you wait all season before a question is answered; Dexter just clips along with a new cliffhanger almost every show.

    Humor contributes a lot to the show's effectiveness. It allows them to get away with a lot more and to "cheat" quite a bit, as you said. The acting is also superb, IMO.

  2. Yes, all true, and why I have trouble believing they can keep it up.

    But between, as you say, the acting and the humor, you end up going along for the ride.

    Here we are, one episode in, and Dexter is already endangered from several different angles. And we care!


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