Saturday, September 6, 2008

"Well, it's a well run campaign, with midget and broom and what-not."

Although the Coen brothers movies are a bit of an acquired taste for some, and a taste some wouldn't want to acquire, O Brother, Where Art Thou? remains one of the great films of the last fifty years, with its mix of music, classical literature and southern-fried goodness.

What is amusing, however, is how little campaigning has changed since the antics of the '30s.


  1. Exactly! Politickin' never really changes!
    I thought of this favorite movie of mine when the Republicans were embracing Herman Cain. I thought of Junior O'Daniel's idea to revive Pappy's "langusihin'" campaign: "Hey, maybe we should get our own little fella!" in an effort to derail Homer Stokes and his midget/broom bit aimed at the little man and political reform. It made me think, "Hey, maybe we should get OUR OWN charasmatic, unproven black guy to combat THEIR charasmatic, unproven black guy!"...
    It made ME laugh, at least...

  2. The tragedy being that Cain never really tried to dispel that appearance.


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