Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Treadmill Desk, Day 18

Four hours today. I did two and started get the numb feeling in the feet. But I actually found it hard to sit on my butt to work after a (rather short) while.

So I ended up doing two hours more. That was probably a shade too much.

Oh, I bought several sets of cheap thongs--wait, that could cause some confusion. I mean some cheap flip-flops for a $1.25 at the Wal-Greens. The summer stuff is marked down 75%. I may even pick up a few more pairs, since I don't expect them to last. (It's actually not the bottom that wears out, but the thong part itself comes detached, from what I've seen.)

Footwear seems to help. I don't like shoes much, but I'll need to wear them for a while. (Meade recommended them two weeks ago.)

What I think happens is that while my thighs are strong enough to do the walking, the other supporting muscles are not, maybe not even the calves. When they get fatigued, my body weight ends up shifting around, stressing parts of my foot, ankle, lower back, etc., that shouldn't be. I think that translates to foot pain and numbness.

As long as I can still play piano with my feet, I think it's not too serious.

In general, my mobility is way up, so even if I do have to build-up for a while before being able to do a full day, I'm still getting the primary benefit.

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