Thursday, September 4, 2008

Treadmill Desk, Day 14

A whopping 460 minutes today. Just shy of eight hours.

I had the treadmill down slow, at around .5 and .6 miles. This greatly reduced the discomfort, though the last 20-30 minutes were still a bit tough.

My feet hurt, so I tried wearing shoes. That worked for a while, then my feet started hurting again. So I took the shoes off. That worked...for a while.

So I think what's going on is just the sheer repetitiveness of it. By changing up, I can keep the feet pretty pain-free. By the end, after stopping for an hour or so, they hurt like a mofo. That seems to be a common issue: Inactivity makes the feet hurt when you start up again.

Sort of like plantar fasciitis.

Before I started doing this, I had stiffness in my achilles tendons. This also abated somewhat over time, but never fully. Now I have the foot pain--so I'm still walking like an 80-year-old man--but the ankle and tendons seem pretty loose. And at least the foot pain is a temporary problem, so I actually get to moving at a good clip very quickly.

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