Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Make Blake Write A Book III: The Reckoning

The story continues to ferment. Thematic elements to be included:

1. Barbarians
2. Sex
3. Western-type setting
4. Yogurt
5. Unicorns
6. Spaceships

Looking at my calendar, it seems that November 1st falls on a Saturday. Now, the NaNoWriMo rules state that the length of the novel is at least 50,000 words, which some would call a novella (though wiki lists the upper end of a novella as 40,000). But it seems to be that 50K words is between 200-250 printed pages, so while my initial thought was to make it longer, that range is just about perfect for what I have in mind. Though, honestly, the way I'm thinking about it, it could turn out to be quite a sprawl.

Anyway, my target will be about 10 pages a day (2-2.5K words) which works out to anywhere from 60-75K through November 30th. That's pretty fast.

What I'm having the most trouble with at the moment is deciding on a character name. Everything I've come up with sounds either lame or parodic.

And I am going to try to be earnest, here. I'd rather go out Ed Wood than Joe Esterhaz.


  1. Ok since it is a western you should have someone with the name Doc, Wyatt, Cheyenne or Montana. His barbarian side kick who of course will be a full blooded Native American must have a name from their language. I would suggest you google the Crow or Lakota dialects and you will find several names that will serve. If you use a Crow protaganist you will be in good shape as they were the scouts and allies of the white man as they subugated the rest of the Plains Indians. Just some thoughts.

  2. For example, Hawáte means one or first in crow and would be a perfect name of a side kick as he could be the "one" who would impress others they might meet on the plains. So Wyatt Elder and his side kick Hawáte are riding on the great plains when...they see a penguin riding a unicorn?

  3. Hey that Walter Neff is a very talented guy.

  4. It's not a Western, but a western-type setting. But you can bet your ass on the name "Doc" being used.

    "Doc" will probably be the sidekick to the Barbarian's hero.

    Good advice on the Crow/Lakota thing. I'll probably use derivative names from that along with some of those other suggestions.

    No penguins! Unless it's Penguin's Yogurt!

  5. Yeah, that neff guy is really something. I thought he just knew tax stuff.

  6. I started NaNoWriMo one year. I got about 600 words in and remembered, "hey, I suck!"

  7. Yeah, I suck, too.

    But I figure this is a context where one is allowed to suck.


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