Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Make Blake Write A Book: Update

OK, I think I've worked out the setting for this book.

Contrary to my previous post, I'm not going to be discussing the setting here. There will be an element of mystery that I think will be more enjoyable if I don't put all my cards on the table.

But so far, we know there will be three elements:

1. Barbarians
2. Sex
3. Western-type setting

Feel free to add more ideas in the comments. Even if they're offbeat. I'll consider it a challenge to work them into the story. (However, I reserve the right to adjust the amount and manner in which any idea or story element is incorporated, besides just rejecting outright. But I'll try not to reject outright.)


4. Yogurt
5. Unicorns
6. Spaceships

Heh. Thanks to 1jpb and AJ Lynch for the new suggestions.


  1. Done & done. Post updated.

    1jpb, I wrote a little bit about Penguin's inspired by the ZPS post.

  2. Alternate history where the Earps, Doc Holiday, Bat Masterson, and the Clantons fall through a wormhole back in time to the time of Monguls who are about to besiege China. Or Europe.

    Oh and they are joined by Bill Clinton riding a unicorn and a strange math genuis inventor form Ohio who is having a sexual dalliance with a penguin.

    Oh and the Monguls eat lots and lots of yogurt.

  3. Well, Troop, I don't think I can manage all that. Would you settle for a gay Republican moose?


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