Monday, September 8, 2008

Treadmill Desk, Day 17

Basically 0 minutes again. Not really zero. I did a little yesterday and today but mostly just to see where I had gone wrong and how to fix.

This site recommends shoes and also, interestingly, a recumbent bike desk. They have a link to a site that used to sell a Geek-a-Cycle for what would seem to be a good price ($400 for bike & desk). 

I think I would find the recumbence awkward--I did think about a stationary bike setup before doing the treadmill desk--and I'm not sure that the motion would be conducive to either working or to stretch out my achilles tendons. Also, the body position would be pretty much completely static with just the legs moving, which I think would be fatiguing. (When I walk I tend to change pace and stride, walk sideways or backwards, and use breaks in work to mix things up a abit.)


  1. Wow, you're not nearly as rabid as you were on that last treadmill post.

    : )

  2. lol

    Politics is kind of funny to me, because I look at things and think, "Well, how far will that take me?"

    So I'd say there's nothing wrong with trying out--stress testing, if you will--The New Deal or The Great Society or even full-fledged Communism. How much can centralized control provide?

    And it turns out: very little.

    And then you look at the Articles of Confederation and ask, "Well, how about NO centralized control?" And you see where that fails, too.

    I'm fond of extremes, but I'm not emotionally attached to them, politics or exercise. :-)


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