Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Strange Move Dialog Excerpts 1: The Negotiator

A high stress situation between Danny Roman (Samuel L. Jackson) and the three guys who helped frame him for murder in a stand-off.

Danny exposits the frame-up as the three guys try to get a bead on him, sweating, terrified, and one rebuts:

"Danny, that's absurd."

Yes. Absurd.

It is, of course, supposed to sound fake, since Danny is dead on. They just may have gone a bit too far.


  1. Hey Jackson new movie looks good where he plays a pyscho cop who terrorizes his next door neighbor. Anybody that ever lived next to cop is gonna go: RIGHT ON!

  2. Oh, yeah, the menacing cop is practically an archetype.

    Hell, isn't that the single line on Ray Liotta's resume?


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