Thursday, September 18, 2008

Site Reorientation!

Lately, people have been coming here for the treadmill desk posts, so I feel like I should play to that audience.

Problem is, I've never been able to form a cohesive "lifestyle". You ever notice that? Everybody who hawks a book on exercise or diet, talks about "lifestyle". (As Carlin used to say, "Genghis Khan had an active outdoor lifestyle.")

I'm just a guy walkin' on a treadmill. I don't go to meetings to talk about the treadmill-desk lifestyle. I don't know anybody else who does this, and don't really care to. I mean, I wouldn't object if someone I knew did it. ("The treadmill-desk is my bit! We're through!") But I don't seek an overarching theme or purpose or motif in my life.

So I'm going to probably let you treadmill-desk enthusiasts down, just as I do the pointy-breast seekers.

But I will field any treadmill-desk questions you might have. (I'll field any breast questions you have, too, but I'm unlikely to have any significant insight on that subject.)

And someday maybe we can all get together and not walk somewhere.

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