Thursday, September 11, 2008

Update On The Women On Women

I blogged earlier about the remake of Cukor's classic The Women. And I hate to dismiss a film sight unseen. But I've gotten the impression that there was a girl-girl kiss that was cut. This inclines me to dismiss it sight unseen.

It's not that I'm anti-lesbian, goodness knows. And particularly not anti- the male-driven fantasy of lesbianism as portrayed in cinema.

But as any regular indie filmgoer will tell you, the homosexual angle is a tired way of trying to seem edgy or arty which really stopped being arty or edgy at some point between American Beauty and Brokeback Mountain.

Plus: How do you cut something like that out? Either you've set up the characters to have this attraction to each other, or you threw the scene in for gratuitous titillation. In the former case, you've probably got a hole in your movie. In the latter, you probably have doubts about its watchability.

On the other hand we have the Coen Brothers Burn After Reading coming out as well. So we got that going for us.


  1. Maybe the kiss involved Meg Ryan's collagened fish lips, and someone was injured.


    American Beauty was just one long, tired cliche about The Suburbs and and Dysfunctional American Family. The repressed mean dad turning out to be gay was just the icing. OF COURSE the Academy loved it! Sorry, the mere mention of that film sets me off.

    Anyway, I know just what you're saying: it's like a cheap stunt which means the movie has to be lacking. Same rule applies for anything with a drag queen in it.

  2. Man that Meg Ryan is freaky deaky man. And that haircut on the trailer. Is she channeling Dyan Cannon or what?

  3. I once was in O'Lunney's pub in Times Square when Debra Messing came in with a bunch of people she was doing a play with. It was the second season hiatus of her TV show. Anyway, she orders a full boat of a cheeseburger deluxe, onion rings, fries the works. Doesn't eat anything except for a few fries. She was frighteningly skinny. Hollyweird is such bullshit.

  4. I actually enjoyed American Beauty, but I tend not to internalize (or relate very strongly to) these things. I think it was because I liked the way that Kevin Spacey played it out.

    I mean, I've had zero desire to see since the first time.

    Also, the Carl's Jr. that Spacey goes to is a block from here. Heh.

  5. Did Meg beef up her lips? That's just sad.

  6. Anyway, I know just what you're saying: it's like a cheap stunt which means the movie has to be lacking. Same rule applies for anything with a drag queen in it.

    The problem with acclimating the squares to your behavior is that they get acclimated to your behavior...

  7. I love me some Dyan Cannon, Troop. Not just some, heck, all of her.

    I love a big smile.

    I loved her in Ally McBeal, when she was with the creepy lawyer guy.

  8. Hey Dyan Cannon is great, but you have to be a cougar not an ingénue if you want that role. I mean she was a sweet young thing in the early sixties but was a cougar on the prowl the last two decades that she has been blowing Los Angles Lakers.

    I mean why doesn’t she channel Theda Bara while she’s at it for crying out loud


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