Sunday, September 21, 2008

Treadmill Desk, Day 30

216 minutes today. The nice thing was that it was completely organic. I've gotten to where I just turn on the treadmill whenever I'm at my desk.

And I'm back to barefoot, with some flip-flops nearby if needed.


  1. Is your goal to lose weight or just general fitness? If the former, how much have you lost doing this?

    Alien Citizen

  2. AC,

    I guess you'd call it "general fitness". Due to an extraordinarily sedentary lifestyle over a couple of years, I'd gotten extremely stiff in my feet.

    It hurt to walk, basically, at least until I got loosened up a bit. That's almost entirely gone.

    Other than that, it's my theory that the body needs a fair amount of activity, that you can't really get with an hour (or even two) of exercise, and this is a good--or at least possible--way to get it, if you're a desk jockey.

    I haven't paid much attention to weight, so I don't know if I've lost anything yet. So far, there's some indication that I've lost a bit of fat in the waist. But until I get my Wii set up again (the Wii fit board weighs you every time you get on it), I probably won't keep track very closely. I'll probably weigh myself again in a couple of weeks (next time I'm around a scale), though, so we'll see.

    My next goal actually has more to do with getting limber. And after that, strengthening my abs/back.

    Weight's in there somewhere, but fairly far down.

  3. Mmm. Yes. I've been keeping an eye on your experiment from afar. In my personal opinion, large amounts of low intensity exercise is the key.

    I'm getting to the age where my very active friends -- runners in particular -- are needing new artificial hips and knees. But my not very active friends (lately including me) are getting stiff and losing muscle tone.

    I do best with several hours of walking or light hiking in a row. (In other words, twenty minutes every day doesn't seem to give me as much benefit as a few hours at a time on weekends).

  4. Yes, my super-athletic friends are getting to be wrecks, too. Blown-out knees are popular.

    It's interesting to me how quickly the situation has changed from me being really sedentary to uncomfortable in prolonged periods of no motion.

    I remember it being hard to sit still in my martial arts days. I'm not back there, certainly, but I'm back from a minimalist approach to movement.


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