Saturday, September 6, 2008

Make Blake Write A Book

National Novel Writing Month is coming.

In order to write a book of that length, you must write six pages a day, something I haven't done in some time.

Because I have so much free time (<--irony) I thought I'd take a shot at it this month, by writing the six pages to a blog.

Feel free to suggest a topic or genre.


  1. Barbarian sex with exotic slave girls in a hareem setting as in the Gor series vein.

  2. lol

    I've never read Gor, though I understand it's big in the B&D world.

    But you may be the only one to vote...

  3. I vote for a good ol' Western novel or short story.

    We do see Western movies from time to time. But, most readers (and writers) have given up on this quintessentially American genre.

  4. Western is a possibility. Western barbarian sex romp...yeah, that's the ticket.

    Can't be a short story, though. It's a novel.

  5. 1jpb give Elmer Kelton a chance. He is one of my favorite western authors. It's pretty funny how a bookstore clerk will look at you like you are crazy if you buy a Western in a bookstore in New York City. They think you are a loon.

  6. The space operas are really just Westerns put into space. That's how Gene Roddenberry sold Star Trek. He called it Wagon Train in Outer Space.

  7. This is true.

    I'm just having trouble resolving sixguns and loincloths.

  8. Well then you should read some of Robert E. Howards westerns which are basicly Conan with a six gun.

    Or Soloman Kane the Puritan which is basicly Conan as a Puritan. That would actually make a great movie if anyone ever tried to do it. Suggest it to some of your movie friends.


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