Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blog Rush

I put the Blog Rush widget in (it's on the right, scroll down) at the urging of Kelly. So far it's gotten me about one hit. She said it just kicked in for her, so maybe in a day or two I'll see something from it.

It's the pointy breasts, though. Apparently, that's what life is all about.

Actually, more seriously, it's the peculiar combination of words that gets hits. I also get hits off of "oil milkshake", for example. From my recent mention of MST3K, I get hits off of "Normal view".

I also get a lot of hits on "male full frontal nudity", but don't expect me to start putting penises on this page.

The weirdest one I get is "canine spinal tap malpractice" someone with a page that mentioned "canine malpractice" linked to a post of mine referencing "Spinal Tap".

It's not likely I'll be putting dog surgery pix up any time soon.

More like than penises, still.

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