Friday, April 18, 2008


Can you have any credibility as an afficianado of fine food if you're pimpin' for TGIF's?

I'm just sayin'. Guy Fieri might want to weigh his Food Network hosting responsibilities against the quick cash of endorsing a joint where cooking seems to entail reheating in a microwave frozen dinners that were prepared at some corporate office.

Or do I misjudge TGIFs? I've only been there once, a few years ago, and it was exactly that.

For some unknown reason I went to the Olive Garden this week, and ordered the Shrimp Caprese, which struck me as a weird blend of reasonably fresh pasta, an uninspired sauce, and over-grilled shrimp.

This is why I stay away from chains.


  1. Huh. Funny you should say that. My boss was waiting for a plane and went into one of those chains -- might have been Friday's -- and ordered a steak. He said it *looked* okay, with proper char lines and everything, but it was kind of gray arojnd the edges. He eventually came to the conclusion it had been microwaved.

    I tend not to eat at those places, so I had no idea.

  2. You have to give chemists credit for their ingenuity. They probably draw the char lines on with some charcoal-flavored device....

  3. While I haven't read it, Fast Food Nation is apparently a font of information about the various processes used to get food from a central location to various outlets while requiring no cooking skill on the staff.


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