Thursday, April 17, 2008

Democracy, Whisky, Screwy...

Even though by now it should apparent that global warming is a hoax, the religious fanatics are determined to push this narrative through, presumably until they, I dunno, they destroy the earth, or whatever their real agenda is.

In the meantime, they serve as an excellent example of the limits of democracy.

Wikipedia was founded on democratic principles. The idea was that everyone would contribute what they knew, and--well, I admit to being fuzzy on this part, but I think the idea is that a democratically-enforced meritocracy would arise. In other words, the group would agree on who the experts were and viewpoints that were sufficiently controversial would be addressed from various sides.

Anarchy reared its ugly head, of course. Some people are incompetent, for example, and they're probably a minor part of the problem. Others are vandals. They're a more serious problem since they look to cause harm and not get caught. The most dangerous--the reason democracy (and anarchy) doesn't work--is the zealot.

This zealot believes he is justified in whatever he does to forward his cause. Lying to achieve a goal means nothing compared to the grandeur of the goal. Indeed, the zealot himself is there because he's believed a sufficient number of lies.

Environmental causes generate these in numbers the 11th century Catholic Church could only dream about.

Look at the great Carl Sagan, a man who explained science in a way that made it accessible to the average joe. Yet he sold his soul for nuclear winter.

Hell, Al Gore used to be sane, and probably was one of the few politicians the US has had to date with an understanding of technology.

I could mention some other groups here but I don't want to, you know, stir up any controversy.

The Republic exists not really to serve us. When we look to it to do so, we invite trouble. The Republic exists to prevent some other, worse form of government from taking hold. And to date, they're all worse.


  1. Nicely put. I'm inclined to think "their real agenda" are power and money. The usual things. But there are two different groups here, and two different doctrines. There's the exoteric doctrine, which gets the "Save us! from this menace!" crowd agitated; and the esoteric doctrine, which involves enormous amounts of money and power being transferred from some people to other people. I asked Megan McArdle what she thought about the Kyoto protocol back in 2002. This was before Al Gore had started selling carbon credits.

  2. It ticks me off: I was raised on this stuff. I have a book here of--a children's book!--cartoons called Captain Ecology. Artwork very reminiscent of Jim Davis ("Garfield"), to the point that I dug it up when Garfield hit the big time to see if it was the same artist.

    But between TV, and teachers, and purported news stories (about the coming ice age), it concerned me.

    I hate to see this stuff happening again. It's such a huge waste. People die as a result of it. And then, when these mofos get debunked, they come with Yet Another Apocalyptic scenario.


  3. Yeah, give it about 5 years and there will be a new all-encompassing issue that wil take the place of the soon-to-be COMPLETELY debunked global warming(tm) concern.

  4. My money's on overpopulation.

    They never actually give up an issue. They just rotate the spotlight.


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