Friday, April 11, 2008

Gasoline Fan Cub

You know, I'm getting sick of all this gasoline bashing.

Gasoline replaced millions of beasts of burden. Unimaginable tons of crap do not lie festering in our streets. Gasoline even smells better than the combination of horse sweat, manure, etc., that it replaced.

It's got a great energy-return-to-energy-expended. I think you have to go to fissile material to get better.

I love gasoline. I'll go all Chris Crocker on you. "LEAVE GASOLINE ALONE!"


  1. Hey just imagine if they ran cars on olive oil. Especially extra virgin imported olive oil which I use on almost everything. That's about $16 a gallon. Geez, Don Corleone was in the right business.

  2. Didn't Chevy make a car that ran on olive oil? I think they called it the EVOO-1.

    Just think, though, the world would smell like a bistro! And that's a good thing.


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