Monday, April 28, 2008

WC Martell reviews Street Kings

Check out Bill's "Sex in a Submarine" blog for a review of Street Kings.

I think of Bill as an old friend, even though our ships barely passe in the night over 10 years ago on Compuserve, in the short-lived B-movie forum. (Now he hangs out at Retromedia, though, so check him out there, too.)

Anyway, Bill is a professional screen writer, and gives lots of good advice on his blog. As part of the topic of pacing, he gives a sort-of insider's review of the new movie Street Kings. Shorter Bill might be: "Too much plot getting in the way of the story" (as Joe Bob Briggs would say).

It's true: Too much "excitement" in a movie can make it boring. I had that problem with Planet Terror.

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