Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fun With Analog Technology

I bought a pair of rabbit ears to check out the digital programming we're all supposed to switch to next year and for a "larf" I plugged it into the cable input (analog) of the TV. The Flower has spent the last 10 minutes playing with the antenna to try to get a good picture, and then trying to make the picture look 3D (ghost images) and to mess with the color.

She calls out to the boy, "Look! We're getting cable over the air!"

"Hey, Daddy, look, there's a zebra." (Black and white diagonal striation.)

"A black and white movie! She looks like a ladybug. Where does it live?" (The last asking about where the TV signals are coming from. The middle, I have no idea.)

"This is fun!"

Huh. And all we wanted to do was watch TV. We never knew what we were missing.

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