Friday, April 25, 2008

Trooper York Brilliance

In this Althouse thread you'll find Trooper York riffing on the election as only he can. It's that blend of The E! True Hollywood Story, politics and Saturday morning cartoons that somehow captures things perfectly:

Now the time has finally arrived for Tigger to run for king of the jungle. His only competition was Penelope who was a very ordinary pussycat who was only popular because of her husband Pepe Le Pew. And he wasn’t even a cat, he was a skunk. His sexual misadventures were infamous, but he still was very popular in the jungle. Tigger had a lot of energy and he knew if he just offered change he could get a lot of votes especially from the young people. I mean why would they vote for his two rivals. An ordinary pussycat who never did anything in her life but cling to her husbands skunktail or the other party’s nominee, the octogenarian Old Deuteronomy who was only famous for being tortured by Marlon Perkins during the fourth season of Wild Kingdom. The election was his to lose.
(The Tigger of the Narcissus, Joe Conrad Klein)

You'll probably want to skip all the political nonsense and, uh, fecal obsession of one poster.


  1. Thanks for the plug. It is getting almost unbearably boring over there with the pompous people just posting and posting until you want to pluck out your eyes. Sometimes it's more work than it's worth to plow through the muck to even find a gleam of humor. I just don't get it.

  2. Troop--

    No kidding. Even Titus, fecal obsession and all, is more readable than the ongoing droning of politics.

    Did you see Alpha Liberal blaming Bush for Deal or No Deal's ratings taking? I mean, there's nothing that can't be blamed on Bush.

  3. Another Trooper appreciator says, "Buck up, Troop! It's at times like this that a sense of humor is most needed!" Times like what? Down here in the bomb shelters, listening to the V-1's whistle overhead.

    Seriously, that stuff you write is so good, that if I were you, I'd be inclined to start up another site to aggregate it all. It seems odd that you post your best stuff at Althouse, while your own blog shows so little of that wonderful quirky humor. And how in the world do you manage to know absolutely everything about so many old movies?

    Shorter Hector: I'll miss you if you quit.

  4. Thanks for the kind words Hector. I find that my comic riffs work best in context of a long comment section where they refer to previous posts and other nonsensical juxtapositions that amuse me. So putting the professor as a Russian Ballerina teaming up with Peggy Noonan as a masochistic urine fetishist is pretty much a lot of fun. The hard part is I think most people don't come close to getting it. My favorite post was one of the first I made on Althouse where each comment was the title or the first line of an eighties song. And not one person seemed to pick up on it. Now Blake is a really smart guy who gets most of the references right off the bat, so having in jokes just doesn't have the same oomph. The Althouse blog has an abundance of pompous nerds who are a lot of fun to goof on, but the threads have to lend themselves to spoofing, otherwise its rough going. I don’t think a compilation of these bits at my blog will as much fun. It would be two much. I mean I like mayonnaise but only on my ham, I don’t want a whole bowl of it.


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