Sunday, April 20, 2008


Due to heavy traffic, I veered off the 405 yesterday and went home via Pacific Coast Highway.

When the ocean came into view, I felt a twinge in my chest. Ruling out acid reflux and cardiac arrest, I realized I was having a...whatchamacallit...emotion.

A few years ago we contemplated moving away, some place like Oklahoma or Kentucky or something, but I actually felt reticent to move away from the ocean. I did go to the beach a lot as a kid but very rarely as an adult. For practical purposes, the ocean might be 1,000 miles away.

And yet.

The Pacific (in this area) isn't even very nice. It doesn't have the warmth of the Atlantic, or the blue of the Mediterranean, and there's not a lot of sea life. (Whales and dolphins pass by seasonally on their way to some place else.)

But moving away from it would be hard for me. And moving to a different body of water would seem alien.

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