Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I once worked with a construction crew that was trying to build software.

They were about as successful as a bunch of software engineers trying to build a house.


  1. What, you mean that people of experience and/or skill-sets built over time aren't just interchangeable widgets, to be deployed at the wave of wand, based on the latest one-quarter projection? That JIT is one thing in terms of product delivery, but another in terms of knowledge and skills delivery, much less maintenance thereof, in terms of a different environment and context that we're embracing now? (And perish the thought of knowledge and skill availability, much less deep and seasoned knowledge and skill availability, of the home-grown type--so to speak--should, God forbid, that ever be needed.)

    Oh, silly, silly you.


  2. Heh.

    That sounds like the voice of experience.


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