Monday, April 7, 2008

I Wake Up Screaming

Yeah, don't we all?

I had this movie on the brain since last Thursday, when we had finished watching One Million B.C. so when it turned up on cable, I watched it. Surprisingly good. Victor Mature, who constantly (and honestly) deprecated his own acting ability did a splendid job.

Carole Landis plays second fiddle to Betty Grable in this flick, which would be one of Landis' biggest. Then after a burst of activity in the next year of six flicks that never caught fire, Landis would start her slow descent into oblivion.

Looking at this movie, though, I don't see why audiences would prefer Grable to Landis. Grable wasn't a better actress, from what I could tell, nor did she even have better legs (if One Million B.C. is to be trusted), and on top of that she was packing a pair of DDs (admittedly kept under wraps in a vain hope to be taken seriously).

She toured like crazy during WWII, too. It seems like she could have been just one pin-up pose away from superstardom.

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