Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Power Of The Internet

As has occurred over the years (due primarily to the presence of children, who love locks as they love all widgets), last night we found ourselves locked out of two rooms of the house. The doors had been locked from the inside and then closed on the outside. And by sheer happenstance, the house is actually fairly well secured.

Traditionally this means smashing the doorknob off. (Replacing it costs $20-$30 which is far cheaper than calling a locksmith.) I have never once managed to successfully pick a lock in this circumstance, nor have I ever seen anyone else pick a lock in one of these situations.

But, I thought, the locks aren't very tough and we have the power of the Internet!

I found a page that instructed me to insert a very small screwdriver (or some sort of pin, but I actually had a screwdriver that would fit in this tiny hole) and then essentially reverse the motion that was used to lock the door, i.e., push it straight in. It was tricky to find the mechanism--and prior to reading, the temptations was to sort-of swirl the screwdriver around the center mechanism looking for a catch of some sort--but it was right in the center, very close to the hole on the side I was poking at. With just the right poke, it popped out.

Then, for giggles, I did it again.


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