Friday, April 18, 2008

Rachel Ray in L.A.

An episode of "Tasty Travels"--where Rachel Ray goes around to various cities and eats all kinds of awesome looking food, while you nurse the tater tots on your TV Dinner--is airing tonight on Los Angeles.

The segment on Krav Maga is interesting. The instructor is actually suggesting you should strike with your rear hand way back, to get velocity and, uh, distance. Holy crap, they'll let anyone teach self-defense.

Anyway, the only place we've eaten on her list is the Paradise Cove Café, which we found "snooty".

A couple of places are not too far from here. I'll have to check 'em out. Mostly the show is wallowing in clichés (of course, c'mon, what else are they going to do?) but I still wish I had her job. Heh.

'course, she ain't gonna come out to the west end of the valley. (Or north. Or the South Bay. Or downtown. Basically, L.A. is everything west of Fairfax.)

I like Rachel Ray, though. I never quite understand the intensity of hatred these domestic TV personalities generate.

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