Thursday, April 3, 2008


Regular readers (both of you) will know I've decided to defy the demand for pointy breasts, last week with Jane Russell's magnificence(s), and this week with the lovely Carole Landis.

A rather tragic figure, Landis appeared in an early blog post here about Turnabout. Her comedic work in that movie is marvelous, aping John Hubbard's (exaggerated) masculinity, often while in this flowing nightrobe that displayed her femininity (insofar as movies of the time were so allowed).

However, Miss Landis' breakthrough role was in the original One Million Years B.C., also for yukmeister Hal Roach. For better or worse, her performance here has long been over-shadowed by Racquel "fuzzy britches" Welch's in the remake.

Nonetheless, it seems fairly clear that Landis' talent (to say nothing of her talents) was squandered.

Landis' co-lug for B.C. was the large-headed Victor Mature (whose only excuse for his name is tht he was born with it). Landis and Mature would later star with Betty Grable in the proto-noir I Wake Up Screaming.


  1. The Victor Mature version is on free movies on demand this week.

    Bonus info:

    "I Wake Up Screaming" is the working title of Bill Clinton's bio-pic. Should be fun.

  2. Victor Mature is a very intersting actor. Almost every film I ever saw him in was pretty entertaining.
    From classics such as My Darling Clementine to The Robe, he was lot's of fun. And he has bigger breasts than most of todays starlets. I think the only one who could make it in old hollywood would be Scarlet Johansen.

  3. Keep posting, your stuff is great and the readers will come.

  4. Mature was great. I've only seen him in a few things, but I can't help liking the guy.

    You're right vis-a-vis his moobs.

    You gotta love a guy who says "I'm no actor, and I've got 64 pictures to prove it."

  5. Check out the Last Frontier which is alway's playing on the Western Channel. Vic plays a scout who is always drunk but wants to get it on with the colonels wife. The colonel is Robert Preston and the wife get this is Anne Bancroft. Directed by the great Anthony Mann. It is craptastic.

  6. That's amazing. 'course, Mature never would have had a chance with Bancroft. Look at the guy she married!


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