Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Homeschool Polarities

There are two main homeschooling streams from what I've seen.

The first one, which you hear a lot about, is the right wing Christian homeschooling crowd. Whether it's because they don't want their kids learning about evolution , or they disapprove of the trends in modern couture, or think sex ed is best left at home (or in God's hands), these are the guys you hear about in the news. Especially if one of the kids does something bad.

The other one, which most people are surprise to discover, is the left-wing, Gaia-lovin', granola crunchin', Earth-day celebratin', Inconvenient Truthin' crowd. "But wait," you cry, "leftists dominate the educational system anyway, why would they opt out?" Well, in some cases, the school system is just not far enough left. In others--well, recall that the point of the educational system, as set up in the USA, was to create factory workers. Children who would grow up to be cogs in a big corporate machine. Or something.

Anyway, they both agree that institutional education is a threat to the human soul. And that they'd rather not deal with each other.

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