Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Comic Tragedy...or is it Tragic Comedy?

This New Yorker cover, if you haven't seen it, has caused some controversy. It is, of course, a ham-handed swipe at right-wingers, though I guess not so ham-handed that some righties didn't go, "Yep, that's 'bout right."

In any event, the wrong people got upset about it. Instead of conservatives saying "Hey, we have problems with Obama and this sweeps them all under the rug!" we got lefties getting all huffy with "O noes! The rubes will misunderstand this!!!"

Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom came up with a very good explanation as to why.

Victoria at Sundries ran with this and came up with her own angle.

The delightful Ruth Anne saw a "right-wing" response at The Anchoress.

I rather like the ebb and flow of internet memes more than the story itself. Though I wonder about the "right wing" response being on The New Republic. Shouldn't it be on, I dunno, American Spectator?

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