Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Blog Link: Simply Skimming

ReaderIam provides a sort of thinking man's Instapundit over at Simply Skimming.

That's probably an awful description but it came to me in a flash and I like it.

A less nerdy Instapundit? (I can't prove that, though.) A less nano/longevity/alt-history-centered Instapundit?

Basically, it's one of those sites that offers mostly light commentary alongside of links to the stories of the day. Like this great one about Wall-E being a copyright violator.

It tastes great and is less filling.

And if ReaderIam shows up, maybe we can discuss why she doesn't think that envy is what drives people to go after "overpaid" execs....


  1. If Urkel had a blog he would be "A less nerdy Instapundit?"

  2. Hey thanks for the tip. Will she use complete sentences I wonder?

  3. Thanks for the link(s), Blake. I'm not sure what to say about the Insty parallel.

    Also, it's a holiday weekend (during which I'll be working), and I'm not up to a serious discussion, though I will say you're skipping over the qualifier "just" that I used in the conversation to which you are referring.

    Trooper: Sometimes. No point in overdoing it.

    Btw, are you adding yet MORE alteregos to your commenting repertoire (or, should I say, arsenal)? Inquiring minds, well, always inquire.

  4. I couldn't resist that, how did you know?

    But don't blow my cover.

    I had to snark at you on another blog but didn't want to use any of my other socks. I just couldn't resist the joke.

    I'm weak I tell you, weak.

  5. And reader I want to add you to my blog roll. But why is your blog so dark?

    Color wise, not content wise.

  6. Jeeez reader you are a strict taskmaster. It's like the time the nun caught me masturbating in the eight grade.

    Knock on the door before you come in all right

  7. Hey I can't comment on readers blog! What a gyp. I have lots of interesting things to say. Boo.

  8. I really was, and still am, on occasion, a very, very good editor. The requisite skills are reflexive now, and the basis for them were probably instinctual, or at least hard-wired, from early on. If you want details--meaning, I can share with you what probably triggered my insight, since I'm also pretty decent retrospectively at analyzing what sets off my "alerts"--you can e-mail me.


  9. Knock on the door before you come in all right.


  10. But I should say I almost blew it, before I came back here, but think I rectified it within a couple minutes.

    Blake: Thanks for your forebearance.

  11. Urkel probably would be less nerdy than Insty. Urkel had a unique style, at least.

  12. Did I say "just"?

    Shame on me for speaking in generalities.

  13. As for the Instapundit parallel, I remember reading a while ago something about the two types of blogs. One type was where you pointed to other stories and made short comments.

    As opposed to the long, drunken ramblings you find on, say, my blog, or Troop's. Even when we're sober.

  14. No, Blake, you didn't say "just."

    I said "not just."

    You just sort of ignored that in framing your response(s) to what I was saying.

    Anyway, to hell with all of that: Happy Fourth of July! And God Bless America. I am so uncynical and unabashed (and unapologetic) about loving this holiday.

    That's flat, and that, as they say, is that.

  15. Well, groovy.

    I'm going to have a quiet 4th, and enjoy myself a little freedom.

  16. Wow. Just 13-1/2 months ago; seems like a decade. Now I know: So it [went].

    I'd forgotten about this one until a particular phrase jumped to mind tonight and I Googled it. Heh. So it goes. ; )

    : ) and : (

  17. Please don't take that comment the wrong way: mostly, I'm just amazed it wasn't more like three years ago, or something. Yes, I know better. But the knowing part's not the thing.

  18. The experience of time is entirely subjective.*

    *Your mileage may vary.


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