Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pet Peeve of the Milennium

Know what I hate?

Really, really hate?

You know how when you're watching a TV show and then the commercial comes on at double the volume? I have that licked: I stopped watching TV with commercials, for the most part.

But in recent years, movies and TV shows are mixed so that dialogue is very, very quiet, while the transitional music is super loud. And special effects.

Don't these dunderheads know that you want a much smaller range of audio dynamics for home viewing than in the theater--and frankly, it's overdone in the theater, too. If the only way you can get a reaction out of the audience is to turn the volume to 11, maybe it's time to pack it in, mm-kay?

I was just trying to watch Secret Diary of a Call Girl with the lovely Billie Piper (Rose from "Dr. Who") and it was done in this muttering dialogue style with loud transitional music.

It's TV, fellas, mix it down!


  1. OK, I honestly thought I was losing my mind because I always am spastically reaching for the remote and cranking up the dialogue ... only to have the music blast me back into the couch. I have been assuming all this time that the audio on our tv was just screwed up. There have been movies that are so bad I just leave the volume down for the music and turn on the subtitles.

  2. Oh yeah, and I'm pretty sure Nickelodeon broadcasts at like 200x the level of every other channel. Anytime my son wants to watch "Spongebob" if I don't get to the remote in time, the windows shake.

  3. That's why we almost never watch anything live anymore. We record it on the DVR and watch it later without the commercials. It's the only way to fly.

  4. What I hate is that if I am forced to watch commercials, especially on cable, they will play the same commercial ten times in one hour. If it's TV land it the shit making yogurt and if it's Comedy Central it's Girls gone Wild or a chat line for lonely nerds. Enough already!

  5. By the way when my sister got a new cat I wanted her to name it Peeve, but she wouldn't do it.

    I hate cats.

  6. Knox--

    Yeah, Nick is bad.

    And it's all over the place: TV, movies, etc. Only reality shows and talk shows seem to put volumes at a reasonable level. Maybe that's why they're so damn popular.

  7. Troop,

    DVR's not going to help you in the case of a movie or TV show where the volume changes radically.

    CC doesn't stop with the GGW stuff, do they? On Fox, at least, you get a variety of dopey ads for old people.

    And--does it matter what you name a cat?

  8. That's why we almost never watch anything live anymore. We record it on the DVR and watch it later without the commercials.

    I do the same... I'm to the point where I can't stand live TV any more. If the moon landing happened today, I'd DVR it.

  9. It doesn't matter what you name it but I wanted to call it my pet Peeve.


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