Thursday, July 31, 2008

Paris Hilton Pegs The Irony Meter

McCain's campaign ad suggesting Obama is a lightweight celebrity famous for being famous ended up pissing Paris Hilton, whose image it used (along with Britney Spears).

Paris apparently objects on the grounds that he didn't ask permission to use her image.


Here's a woman who's probably signed a deal with Lucifer to get her image out in every medium possible allegedly upset by the fact that someone, you know, put her image out there again.

I'm pretty sure it falls in the "fair use" category. He's not suggesting you endorse him. You know, maybe he's trying to smear Paris with associating her with Obama, didja ever think about that? Paris' best counter-attack is probably to say she supports Obama.

Britney isn't in the same category. She's a has-been (with plenty of time to come back), not a never-was.

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