Sunday, July 27, 2008

In Which My Life Resembles A Benetton Ad

The Flower had a Hannah Montana party last night. (Said party drove me and The Boy out to see Baghead, so expect a review of that later.)

Her invitees were two next-door neighbors--the one on the left being black, the one on the right being hispanic--and a girl from her basketball team, whose mother is Muslim enough to wear a hijab. The flower, by contrast, is lily-white, though the black girl (who's quite dark indeed) epitomizes beauty to her.

There's actually nothing remarkable about that to anyone here.

And it all occurs without any sort of discussion about race whatsoever.


  1. God keep them innocent of all that for as long as possible.

  2. Totally. I was seventeen when I met my first real-life sheet-wearing racist! (I don't know if he was in the KKK but he sure agreed with them.)

    It was like meeting a Martian. The next time I was about 20, and the landlord of the building I was managing said "Don't rent to black people."


    There's a relationship that didn't last long.


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