Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yon Sighting of Yon

A couple of old guys (vets?) were out on the corner of Victory and Topanga Cyn (probably the most trafficked corner in the area, except maybe Ventura and Topanga Cyn) with some signs about Iraq, and how we shouldn't abandon it.

Also I saw this:


I don't talk much about politics here because it's boring. (For instance, Althouse has a creative and whimsical approach to her blog, and the politics drag it all into a tired series of ad hominems and tu quoques--and hers is one of the better sites.)

But one thing I think is evident is that our military is our equivalent of the Spartan 300. They have stayed the course and done a professional job even when our hearts grew faint.

Yon, to borrow from a different conflict, is more like an Ernie Pyle--but at a time when most of his would-be peers are more comfortable in the Walter Duranty or Tokyo Rose roles.

So if you haven't yet, or if it's been a while, check him out.


  1. One of the main reasons I find Althouse tough these days is the polotics has overwhelmed everything. Post after post of the same crapola. The stuff I liked like American Idol and Project Runway and cool pics of Brooklyn and Manhatten are gone, replaced by posts about Obama's abortion views and Supreme court cases. Once the law nerds start arguing it's all over.

    You take on the latest movies makes your blog very interesting and fun to read. So if you keep up the breast blogging you will definately be on the right track.

  2. Hey I can't spell I tell ya, sorry about that.

    That's politics for those of you keeping score at home.

  3. I like "polyticks", myself.

    Yeah, it's a grind. It's really the radical left tactics: Relentless, constant repetition of the same memes. I forget the guy who came up with all the tactics they use, and I imagine most don't even know they're doing it (you also see it on the right), but it makes actual communication impossible.

  4. You saw it with your dialouge with montana urban legend who is actually an interesting dude.

    But it's not just the way they are talking but the subjects have just been mind numbingly boring stuff.

    No photos of dogs urinating in Williamsburg. No Empty streets near the docks. No Titus. Just

  5. Troop,

    I give you megaprops for managing to get around the sometimes maddening, robotic "Bushitler is teh dum!" and actually finding the people behind them.

    I suspect things are only going to get worse until November. Then they're going to get REALLY bad.

    But then, with luck, they'll calm down.


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