Monday, July 14, 2008

Advice To Candidates

"I'm not used to this cap, but I'll tell you, I feel more at home in it every minute"

Victoria comments over on Althouse about one of the (many) better things Hil(l)ary could've said when wearing the Yankee's cap other than the not credible "I've been a Yankee's fan all my life."

And therein she touches on a fundamental truth overlooked in today's campaigning. The candidates go to all these different places and try to prove they're "one of them". Whether it's hunting or bowling or windsurfing or proclaiming yourself to be a jelly doughnut (ok, that last is different, since you're dealing with foreigners), candidates back themselves into a corner where they virtually have to be inauthentic.

Here's a thought: When people on the road give you local stuff, be gracious, accept the hospitality, but act like what you are: a guest, not a local. Then, if you have to be inauthentic, it's only about being a lout, not about your identity.


  1. I was surprised to hear that ybspurs paid her way through college playing with old man's balls. Its amazing the things people will reveal on the internets.

  2. Hey, she wasn't playing.

    It was science!


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