Sunday, July 20, 2008

Random Linkage

I haven't watched this comedy clip yet. I hear it's funny.

On an Althouse thread about Obama's fondness for the heavy-handed Dylan song Maggie's Farm, there's some discussion about whether the narrator is supposed to be viewed as heroic or noble. My feeling is that one analyzes Dylan lyrics at one's own peril.

This led Theo Boehm (indirectly) to post some stuff from a blog called Maggie's Farm about the clavichord and piano. Theo and Palladian's taste in (and attitudes toward) music is frighteningly similar to my own. (I say "frightening" because I went through college without finding anyone who shared my more peculiar tastes.)

I've been reading
through Anne G's 2.5 part abortion essay on Ambivablog. I'm thinking, after three years, she's never going to finish part III, but what's there is a lot. She actually does what I suggest: tries to change people's minds. (Normally, that's something a Church would do.) But she can offer insight that I can't, having gone from what might be called the accepted liberal view on abortion to a firm believer in its wrongness, by virtue of having had one.

This is not a little bit gutsy, I think, to take the position that something you, yourself, have done is terribly wrong. The reflexive left might call it hypocrisy, but I think it's experience. Pastor Jeff linked to study on repeat abortions, but I think it's telling that 50% of the women who have an abortion don't have another one. I doubt these women are going to be wearing tees.

And the ones who repeat tend to be minorities. Which is why I always get that Sanger-esque eugenics/genocide vibe off pro-choice organizations.

And again, I remind you, I am pro-choice.

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