Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not The Lindsay Wagner You're Looking For

In my post conflating racial equality with fashion embarrassment, I mentioned that Valerie Harper and Lindsay Wagner were among the rare few to survive '70s styles more-or-less unscathed. (Trooper York chimed in that the "Rhoda" look was making a comeback, with the headscarves and the like.)

But I started getting hits on "Lindsay Wagner", which seemed sort of like a cool change, now that I've been on the front page of the "pointy breasts" search in Google for so many months. "Maybe," I thought, "we'll get a higher class of perv around this dump."

But I suspect that the recent hits were not for '70s fashion maven and all around classy 60-year-old former bionic woman:

but in fact, for oh-my-god-she-was-born-the-year-"Die Hard"-came-out, Playboy Playmate Lindsay Wagner:

So the search for relevance and class goes on, in all the wrong places.


  1. Hey either one works for me. But anything to get hits. Why not title the next post Linday Wagners Pointy tits.

  2. I always wondered while they were working on the bionic woman, did the do anything to her cootch. You know soup it up so to speak. Put in turbo power. Add a self lubrication device. I don't know, just make it new and improved.

    Although most guys would say any old one would do just fine.

  3. And what about Major Steve Austin. Did he get any enhancements. I sure hope so otherwise he got rooked.

  4. Why not title the next post Linday Wagners Pointy tits.

    And make it about offshore drilling....

  5. Steve Austin got enhanced by Farrah. That oughtta be enough for anyone.


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