Sunday, July 6, 2008

Milestone: 5,000 visits

Last Wednesday, apparently, I passed the 5,000 mark for visitors on this blog.

There's been a slow build over time that's less influenced by the spikes that come from references on other blogs, so while this 5,000 took six months, the next five may only take four.

So, thanks for reading. Even if you do just come here looking for pointy breasts.

Also, careful with those, they'll take an eye out.


  1. Hey cool. Those 4765 times I clicked have really worked out.

  2. Keep up the good work and more posts about pointy breasts.

  3. Thanks, but could you click on my advertisers more?

  4. But I don't need Preparation H or Depends.

    Now if you can get an ad for Ballpark Franks and Newcastle Brown Ale and you will get plenty of clicks from me.

  5. Ballpark Franks and Newcastle Brown Ale, got it.


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