Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I wrote that last post on my new treadmill desk. Have you heard of it?

OK, mine doesn't look anywhere near that slick. Mine is a plank of wood on top of a used Proform 770 I picked up on Craig's list for $50. Also, I had to pick up an arm mount for a monitor.

The idea is to replace the time you spend sitting on your ass with time you instead spend walking at a slow pace. Regardless of weight, I tend to think the body needs to be active to function well.

I've got some ergonomic issues to work out, still: The desktop (i.e., my plank of wood) is too low, so that's a ticket to RSI. It might need to be angled away from me, which sounds weird but actually means my hands will be in a normal resting position instead of bent back at the wrist.

So, does it affect my work (negatively)? Can't tell yet. It's not completely unworkable. I'll have to try tackling some particularly challenging problem to see how it goes.


  1. This is even more impressive than Rumsfeld's standing-desk.

    I knew a standing-desk-person. Of course, they also had a tall chair, and very little actual standing work was done. All for show. Likewise, I've had doubts ever since I heard Rumsfeld say that he only uses his standing desk.

    You're in a different boat, I doubt that you claim you spend all day on the treadmill-desk.

  2. Nah, I did three hours this morning--well, early afternoon--and the treadmill motor gave out.

    But then it cooled down and it's okay for now. So I may be alternating hours. Not quite sure how that's gonna work.

    I think most people do 6-8 hours.

  3. Hey!

    I just wrote an article over at my own blog inspired by yours about Treadmill Desks, I'd appreciate if you'd check it out and comment your own experiences!


  4. It would've been nice if your article inspired by mine actually had a link to mine or referenced it someway. Now it just looks like you spammed my blog.

    Still it's relevant spam. I'll let it stand for my Australian reader.


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