Monday, July 21, 2008

New Loaded Questions Contest

Kelly@LoadedQuestions is having a new book giveaway, plus a "Ask a bestselling author a question" dealie over at her blog. Check it out.

She's been doing the sci-fi thing lately so I think you'll be seeing her blog expand beyond historical fiction.


  1. I dropped a few questions. Sharon Kay Penman is one of my favorite writers. This is a great site. Thanks for highlighting it.

  2. Kelly and I go way back. Seven, eight years, which in Internet time is, like a bazillion.

    I'll probably be putting up a few more interviews myself there.

  3. I read where you were suprised that you enjoyed the Conan books. I hope that they were the original Robert E. Howard ones and not the pastiches that came out later. I would highly recomend George M.M. Martins Fire and Ice series as the top fanatsy series around right now. He takes forever to write but his stuff is great. He's a big commie but a great writer.

  4. After no sleep and a day fighting with an IRS collection agent who wanted to seize these restaurants forks, knives and spoons, I took the 2 train home to Borough Hall and had to walk down Court St. So I stopped in Barnes and Noble and much to my surprise and delight two of my favorite authors had written new books that I glommed as fast as possible. Harry Turtledove wrote “The Man with the Iron Heart” which postulates an alternative history where Reinhardt Heydrich survives and leads some Nazi die hards into the “Alpine Redoubt” where they waged guerilla warfare against the Allied Powers. And WEB Griffin wrote “Death and Honor” which continues his story about the OSS in Argentina in WWII. The first book in the series since 1999. Way cool.


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