Monday, July 28, 2008


In the aforementioned "Hannah Montana" girl-fest, the subject of kissing boys came up. To wit, one of the girls has a crush on a boy and wants to kiss him. (The Flower is seven! The other girls no more than eight.) I was relieved to hear that the other girls looked at like she was Martian.

That's good. Some seven year old boy out there might have just had his life saved.


  1. Hey every crowd has to have the Jenny Piccalo. Just keep an eye on her when they go to the mall.

  2. This reminds me of last summer. My sister in law has a attached row house in Staten Island. Now everyone builds a wooden deck off the second floor so you have a porch in the backyard. On the ground flow there are the above ground pools and swings and what not. You can look down at the yard where the kids are playing. Next door there are these seven or eight year old kids jumping rope. And they are singing the little songs that they sing. We aren't really paying attention because we are cooking burgers and smoking cigars. But there is a dead moment in the conversation and we hear this ryhme:

    Going to the mall
    sitting in the car
    in comes your boyfriend
    to take off your bra.

    My sister in law flew down the stairs to grab her daughter and won't let her play with those kids till she's forty.

  3. Hahahaha!


    Often we see things with adult eyes and can't get around the fact that some things are innocent no matter how they sound.

    I think I wrote about that somewhere on this thing, but I can't find it. A very attractive friend of mine witnessed her daughter essentially deep-throat a bottle. Just dumb kid stuff, but it rattled her cage a bit. Heh.


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