Friday, July 18, 2008

My G-G-G-G-eneration

The Kids Are Alright is on TCM now.

I love The Who.

But I don't really relate to them. There's never been much about pop music that I actually relate to, though I enjoy a lot of it. (Theo Boehm made a good comment on the tiredness of politicians "relating" to music and why can't just one talk about Bach and The Art of Fugue?)

Every time I see Keith Moon, I think of Spinal Tap.

I also think of Bill Maher's dumb-ass assertion that his music collection wasn't hurt by drugs. (Even if it's not entirely appropriate in Keith Moon's case.)

Anyway, good show.


  1. Daltry and Townshead are not talking at all. They have to have seperate everythings on the road. Hotels, travel, staff, the works. Daltry wants to do the hits that the fans want to hear and Townshead wants to do the new stuff that he just wrote. It's the old story. One guy is an artist and the other is an entertainer. I always vote for the entertainer.

  2. The entertainer's got no material without the artist, though.

    But then I'm a nerd in that regard, too. I actually like Townsend doing his own stuff better than some of the original Who recordings.

  3. Well most of the people who come to see these dinosaur acts really only want to hear the hits. Now when I like an artist, I used to collect almost all of his music. So I am familiar with a lot of stuff that the run of the mill fan doesn't know. But you still love to hear the hits. This tour is just to make money so you should give the people what they want.

  4. That's a good point. Do they have any recent hits? Sounds like we're talking about people reliving their glory days.

    Yeah, do the hits at at least 2:1 to the new stuff. Maybe 4:1. Maybe treat 'em like a Denny Lane song during a Wings concert.


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